I don’t know who first turned a box where the sides were curved in to form a waist or as we like to say in woodturning, a cove.  I started gradually turning boxes with an hour glass shape and as I shortened them the cove became more distinctive.  The cove also makes a tight fitting box easier to open.  Over the years I have seen examples of coved boxes by other turners and I offer these instructions as my take on a design that belongs to no one in particular.





  • Dry stable hardwood, straight grained with pronounced end grain, about 3+” square and 3+” long
  • Sandpaper
  • Finish of choice



  • Center finder, awl
  • Spindle roughing gouge
  • #3 Hunter tool
  • Fingernail ground spindle or detail gouge
  • Square and round nosed scrapers
  • Parting tools (ultra thin is useful for maintaining grain alignment)
  • 3/8” beading parting tool
  • Skew chisels
  • Calipers, internal and external
  • Depth gauge, measuring rule


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