Have I had mishaps or failures with a Dremel? Yes but always through my own doing or by using it in a way that Mr Dremel would not approve, such as the time I was in my workshop in the winter wearing a large bush shirt. I tend to tuck a piece into my chest if I am unable to hold it in a carving jig. I slipped off the work and the bit came to a sudden stop, wrapping itself in the woolen material of the shirt and breaking the shaft. But the dremel didn’t stop so it was flying around like a fantail above my head until I pulled the plug out of the wall. Adding texture or embellishing and now carving to my work has been an enjoyable learning experience. I can, however, spend days on a work and still not be happy with it. In this case there is only one thing to do but sand it off and start again.

Texturing a bowl or hollow form is not just limited to a stationary object. Using the Dremel bits on a turning piece of timber can create some amazing effects by using different bits and burrs and running the Dremel against the running wood. It is wise to exercise care in this and don’t try it with the lathe running at speed.

shed and dremel 12 thumb shed and dremel 14 thumb


I have built a fitting to allow me to use the Dremel on a piece that is chucked so I can add texture or embellishment as if the piece is indexed.

shed and dremel 13 thumb


I tend to be a bit unconventional in my use of the accessory bits:

• The diamond burrs make great sanding accessories for timber and allow me to shape incredible detail.

• The cut-off wheels leave a crisp, burnt line on any timber.

• I use the wire brushes in the hundreds as they give a sandblasted effect and also take off any burrs of timber that have been left by conventional bits.

shed and dremel 15a thumb shed and dremel 15b thumb shed and dremel 15c thumb

Aged look


I call this texturing texture—basic pattern then wire brush followed by a light burning with the Versatip soldering iron and you have a real aged look. It is recommended to run the wire brushes at a low speed as they tend to disintegrate with the speed on high. As a builder I am always finding other uses for a Dremel. Just recently I used a grinding stone to ease a door striker plate that I was unable to take off the jamb. My wife’s kitchen knives have also had the Dremel treatment.

shed and dremel 16 thumb shed and dremel 17 thumb shed and dremel 18 thumb

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