Turn your next decorative object, sand, and then begin your next section of very thin stem. At this point you need to decide if your decorative object is running true, or if you need to add another string steady rest. Better to be safe than sorry. Some of the traditional decorative objects are small, others are large and are designed to be of the maximum diameter. You certainly want to place a string steady after completing any of the larger, more massive objects. A large decorative object is also usually designed to be the center of your trembleur.

Here I have added a second string steady in anticipation of the large heavy object that I was working on. Notice that we have switched to the Oneway steady rest for the greater support it added.

09 metalsteady thumb


Here I have completed five objects, large & small, and almost half of my trembleur. I am working on the central object, and have three string steadies supporting the completed objects. And while it was turning truly, I continued to use the two steady rests… just because.

10 3stringsteadies thumb


Turn, sand, support! Continue working your way down your stock until you have completed your trembleur.

Here I have completed my central object and have added two more string steadies.

11 5stringsteadies thumb


So I continued turning and have completed another small object and a large object. I also removed one of the steady rests.

12 5stringsteadies2 thumb


At this point I’ve added the sixth and final string steady and removed the steady rest and am ready to finish the final section.

13 6stringsteadies thumb


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