Loosen your sphere jig, rotate your sphere to another point, align the center, and repeat. It was recommended that you rotate your sphere to the opposite side as much as possible, because as you complete each hole you are weakening your sphere, and you want to keep the pressure on it as even as possible as you work your way around each point.

21 Final Undercut thumb


When all 12 points are cut and sanded, you are done. Sand the outer sphere as needed, rotating it in the jig to remove all pencil markings and any rubbing marks from the tool holder. Remove the polystyrene plugs and pat yourself on the back.

22 Jean Claude Tool Demo thumb 23 My Final Project thumb 24 Projects from Week thumb


Jean-Claude was able to demonstrate for us the next step: to turn a Chinese Ball with a star in the center.

25 Chinese Ball with Star thumb


Basically, you turn each hole with a star spike in the center, he has then modified the cutters so that they are narrower, and able to fit alongside the spike and still able to do the undercutting. Unfortunately, there were not enough of these modified tool sets available, and we did not have enough time for everyone to try it for themselves. Instead several of us practiced turning star spikes in a round half-sphere artsy thingamajig.

26 16 Spike Thingamajig thumb


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