Critique Submission Information


The Critique Program is open to all Woodturners Unlimited members; membership is free!  To become a member, click on the Forums link, upper right of page and register.

Any member wishing to apply for a critique may send their submission to:

critique @  (this is the 'send to' address. Please remove both spaces before using)

 Please understand that the team will not evaluate every entry.  Since they have the dual goal of helping the individual turner and providing guidance to the general viewing public, chosen works will provide an avenue for general audience appeal.  Our membership is diverse, with varying skill levels and it is important to select a variety of works to meet those needs.

Members desiring a critique will need to provide the following:

  1. One photograph (1024 px, 125 kb max file size) showing a direct frontal view.  The initial determination will be made using this one photograph.  If chosen for critique, you will then be asked to submit additional photographs; details of which will be included with the notification of acceptance.
  2. A brief statement of the surface preparation and the actual finishing process used.
  3. A brief statement of the artistic goals, if any, in doing the work.  What did you wish to accomplish?
  4. Your experience level, including how long you have been turning and whether you have enjoyed any level of instruction.

We hope everyone enjoyed the critique! 

Watch for our next critique, coming in two weeks!




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