Wally Dickerman


I have admired Keith’s hollow forms with his signature finials for some time. Now he has given us one with a pedestal. When it comes to discussing this piece it’s going to be close to an “attaboy” critique. Not much here that I would change.

The vessel form is well done and very attractive. Curves are continuous from top to bottom. I don’t know if Keith uses the “rule of thirds” when he designs his pieces. The widest part of the vessel appears to be above the one-third point. If it were a bit lower the curve to the bottom would have a more round appearance. That is just a comment and is not meant to be a criticism. The form is very attractive as it is 

The design of both the finial and pedestal is excellent. The finial, as I have said, is Keith’s signature and it’s a good one. The pedestal is a near mirror image of the finial. Getting the right proportions on a vessel with a finial and pedestal is a tough one. To me there is a problem with doing a critique from photos. There will usually be some distortions due to camera angles. It’s been my experience that finials often appear larger than life in a photo. With that in mind, I think that the balance would be improved if the finial were just a little bit shorter. I often apply the rule of thirds here. In this case the finial could be two-thirds the height of the pedestal. That is nit picking of course. 

I would like to see the top of the pedestal be a continuation of the size and the curve in the vessel. Being flush with the sides of the vessel would give a neater appearance to the piece. Turning a photo upside down really brought this out to me.

Getting the size of the base just right is important. Too narrow and the piece looks top-heavy and might tip over. I think that Keith got this one just right.

This piece represents the excellent work we have come to expect from Keith. He can be proud of this, his first pedestal piece.

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