Keith Burns       (8-31-2013)


I consider myself to be an intermediate turner. I started turning furniture parts in the early 90’s and after finding the internet and joining our local club around 2005, I became seriously obsessed with turning as an art form although I don’t consider myself to be an artist. I have attended demonstrations by Clewes, Mahoney, Winton, Pho, Jordan, the Gibson’s, Radda, Fisher, Drozda, Costelle, Adkins and many more lesser known, but just as good turners at our club.


The majority of what I turn is hollow forms. There is something about them that just floats my boat.  My wife, Judi, asked me to do something different for a change and suggested I do a pedestal style piece. So I did a hollow form on a pedestal. The wood is black ash burl with Ebony and African Blackwood for the pedestal and finial. It measures 3-1/2” diameter x 10-1/2” tall. I typically power sand my pieces starting at whatever grit is needed through 600. It is finished with my 10 minute finish. I appreciate this web site and this “critique” section and am really looking forward to hearing what the esteemed and well respected team has to say.

Keith E. Burns

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