Bob Rotche   (pub Feb 16, 2013)


The body is ambrosia maple and the collar is ebony. It is 5” wide and 7” tall. It is turned to about 3/16” thick. The finish is Antique Oil which was buffed with Tripoli and then Renaissance Wax.


I have been turning for about 3 years and have been exploring hollow forms for about 1 year. This started out among several that I roughed out early on and then threw on a shelf. I stared at it periodically for the next 6 months as I realized that the opening was too big and I didn’t leave enough wood for a nice upturn at the mouth, which I have come to like. Ultimately, I decided to solve both of these problems with a collar.

Self Critique

Overall, I feel I achieved my goals with this piece. I am pleased with the curve and I like the contrast of the ebony to the maple. I am satisfied with the shape of the collar and I think the beads add some interest. My biggest concern is whether or not I should have added a finial. While traditional finials are very attractive, I have been struggling with trying to come up with something more out of the ordinary. Having failed to do so, I went without.

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