***  WTU 2014 Spring Challenge ***  



Spring has sprung ... unless you live in the UP!!

Even if you don't have tulips pushing up yet, it's time for the second of our quarterly challenges, the Spring Challenge. This one will run from now until Saturday, June 21st, the Summer Solstice.


For this challenge we've chosen an everyday, common, household item...


The Candlestick or Candle Holder


As in the first challenge, there are very few rules.

The rules are...

  1. it must hold at least one candle but may hold as many more as you like. It can be a solitary holder, a set, or whatever tickles your fancy.
  2. it must be turned or at least have turned components.


Beyond that, the challenge is to unleash your imagination and create something unique to the world of candlesticks. Above all, have fun doing it.


Post your pics anytime you like during the challenge.


When you get done, and this challenge will end with the Summer Solstice (that's June 21, 2014) take some pictures, three would be nice, more would be fine too, and write a short description including size of candleholder(s), wood type, tools used, finish used, and any new techniques you might have learned through the process. Then just post it in the new Spring 2014 section of the Challenges Forum. Don't worry about posting early. If you're done, post anytime between now and June 21, 2014.

Pretty easy, eh!


(NOTE: so that everyone can view all the entries at one convenient location, a link has been created on the Front Page. It is located in the footer; bottom left of the Front Page and is called WTU Challenges. When you click on that, it will take you to the main page explaining that particular challenge and contain photo pages for the event. Click on any photo to be taken to it's thread.)

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