Winter 2017 intro"Cut and Paste"

Keeping in line with my liking for snappy names,

for the new challenge, let’s try out

“Cut and Paste”.

Turn something, cut it in some way, and reassemble it in a new form.

Some examples from what I’ve done: 

Wall hangings as first published by Duane Gemelke in American Woodturner 15.1 in 2000

Winter 2017 1 thumbWinter 2017 2 thumb 

e.g., pieces described by Agar and Springett in Woodturning Evolution: Dynamic Projects for You to Make

Winter 2017 3 thumb

Paper/glue joints which allow separation of pieces after turning without cutting

Winter 2017 4 thumb

Or, my ‘rice boat’ responses to the Rice Bowl challenge a couple years ago, 

Winter 2017 5 thumb

Here are some links to the 2014 Rice Bowl challenge:


When you've finished with your Cut and Paste challenge, please take some photos and post them for the rest of us to enjoy!  Remember, as in all of our challenges, this is not a contest!  Everyone that enters this challenge is a winner by what they learn and how they expand their turning skills!

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