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‘Twill be the season(s)'

Curt made a great comment in posting his latest work : Fishing Bobbers
“I have this huge gripe with the retailers that start putting out Christmas stuff already. And then I go and start making ornaments when it isn't even fall yet (officially anyway). So I'm calling these fishing bobbers instead of ornaments.”




I sort of hate to suggest this challenge topic after his comment about seasonal prematurity, but it is a good lead-in and twist. So let’s keep it general – do something ‘seasonal’.

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There are so many ‘seasons’ in the next three months – October, November, and December each have their own, each with many iconic images. Oh dear – I’ve fallen into the retail trap.

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There are lots of iconic things associated with the next several months – so let’s follow Curt’s approach – let’s see some more bobbers, your ‘seasonal items’ which ought to remain nameless, incognito, etc at this date, although Halloween is close enough to be mentioned by name.

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Maybe something a bit offbeat, or sporting an alias.

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Bring on yourbobbers!


When you've finished with your Twill Be The Season(s) challenge, please take some photos and post them for the rest of us to enjoy!  Remember, as in all of our challenges, this is not a contest!  Everyone that enters this challenge is a winner by what they learn and how they expand their turning skills!

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