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Let’s go functional, with a likely skew toward spindle work, although there is certainly no requirement to use a skew. The items I’ve included here were all turned with spindle or bowl gouges.

So, the challenge is - KITCHEN UTENSILS - there’s considerable scope here:

Spurtles n Spreaders thumb

rolling pin
biscuit cutter
honey dipper
tenderizer mallet


The items shown in the following photos all came from my kitchen counter or drawer.

The biscuit cutter may betray my relatively southern location – my sister uses the one I made for her daily and loves it; it sits on top of her flour canister. In some terms, it might be one of my most successful turnings.

Biscuit Cutters thumb

The masher is not an elegant shape, but it came out of my grandmother’s kitchen drawer and so probably dates to the 1920s or 30s. Since it’s a family item, I’ve made cherry copies for my brother, sister, and daughter.

Mashers Ancestral and New thumb

Likewise, the rolling pin was intended more for biscuits than piecrust.

Rolling Pin thumb


This Challenge will run until the first day of summer, June 20, 2016.


When you've finished with your Kitchen Utensils Challenge, please take some photos and post them for the rest of us to enjoy!  Remember, as in all of our challenges, this is not a contest!  Everyone that enters this challenge is a winner by what they learn and how they expand their turning skills!

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