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Everyone here was a kid at one time and everyone here either has kids, has nieces or nephews, has grandkids, has neighbor kids, or still acts like a kid. So this Fall Challenge is to make a kid toy that seems to be very popular nowadays....a Kendama. At first glance it seems like a pretty simple project, basically just a little spindle work, but after looking more closely I think you'll find this to be relatively challenging.

This Challenge will involve some creative chucking techniques (turning a cup on both ends of a spindle) along with that always difficult job of turning a round ball. By the time you've made a few, trying to figure out the best way to do it, you'll have some heirloom quality toys to hand out to the kids in your life and they'll see something that came off your lathe that is way neater than all those boring vases and bowls. And it might even get them to put that xbox or tablet down for a few minutes. 

Googling 'kendama' will give you all kinds of ideas on what these are supposed to look like. This is a chance to add color, pyrography, and any other decorative embellishments you might come up with. 

Here are some basic instructions....

kendama patent thumb


Kendama thumb


And here is a video of some expert Kendama action.

When you’ve finished with your Kendama, take some pictures of it and post them for the rest of us to enjoy. Be sure to tell us a little story about the trials and tribulations you encountered while turning this challenge. Remember, as in all the challenges, this is not a contest. Everyone that enters this challenge is a winner by what they learn and how they expand their turning skills.


Most of all - Have Fun!

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