Hollowing thumb

How many of you can remember the first time you put a tool to a spinning piece of wood? Some have saved that first turning as an example of how far they’ve come, others just remember it in their minds, but I think all of us remember that anxious feeling of putting the tool to the wood, wondering what was going happen next and what the finished piece was going to look like. I’m sure there are people that follow this forum as lurkers as well as those that are regular contributors. All of us share one thing in common though, in our own separate ways we are constantly seeing something here that ignites that little spark in our mind that says “I’ve got to try that sometime”. Well, “Sometime” is here! The Summer 2015 Challenge is going to be the Sometime Challenge.

The object of this challenge is simple. You all know the clichés ….. think outside the box …. get out of your comfort zone …. go where no man has gone before. This challenge is to try something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t quite gotten around to try it.

If you’re that lurker that just watches from the shadows thinking you’d like to try this “turning thing”, take the leap. Whether you can find a club, a friend that turns, or just go it on your own, go out and find a lathe, some tools, and a piece of wood. Read up on the safety rules and make that first cut, experience that "first time" feeling and watch that wood take shape. It’s a leap you’ll never regret!

For everyone else, it’s a challenge to try something you’ve always wanted to try. It’s the beginning of a new adventure into a field of art that is only limited by your own hesitance to just do it.

As usual, there are very few rules to the challenge. You can do anything you want, anything you’ve had that itch to try, it just has to be something you haven't done before: carving, pyrography, dying, painting, multi-media collaboration, multi-axis, segmenting, you name it. It can be in the form of embellishment or something that is a completely new type of turning. You can do it on any form and with any medium you’ve been wanting to experiment with. Only because this is primarily a woodturning forum, make sure at least some part of your piece was turned on a lathe, even if the turning doesn’t remain visible in the finished piece. And don’t feel like you’ve been assigned to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! Your work can be as simple as a lidded box if you’ve never turned a lidded box or a hollowform if you’ve always wanted to turn a hollowform, just push yourself to try something new, that something you been wanting to try.

When you’ve finished with your new piece, take some pictures of it and post them for the rest of us to see. Tell us a little story about who or what pushed you to try what you’ve tried. Tell a little about the trials and tribulations you encountered in your new experiment. If you experienced an epic failure, share what you learned in the process. Remember, as in all the challenges, this is not a contest. Everyone that enters this challenge is a winner by what they learn and how they expand their turning skills.

And most of all….Have Fun!

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