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As I was trying to think of a new challenge for this spring, I was pretty much stumped. So I consulted with the big Muckimucks of the Advisory Panel for ideas. In fact I said something like "would any of you guys like to step up to the plate?" That's when the genius and wisdom of age kicked in and Chuck Jones said "Plate, how about a plate, or platter?" Well, that's why Chuck makes the big bucks. He's always thinking!

So our challenge for this spring will be Plates and/or Platters. What's the difference between a plate and a platter you ask? My own definition is this...if you can eat everything that will fit on it, it's probably a plate. If you could feed the family with it, then it's most likely a platter. Easy enough?


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My favorite part of these challenges is that we don't have any silly rules to contend with. You make your plate/platter any way you want. You can carve it, color it, burn it, anything you like, nothing is excluded. You can make it something functional that could be used every day or you can make it into a work of fine art. No rules. Make it, take a picture of it, and post it anytime between now and June 21st, the Summer Solstice.

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Have fun and be safe!

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