Curt provided a number of pictures. As he stated earlier he likes to turn woods that are readily available in his area.  “Box elder is plentiful around here and I like how it turns out.”

Box Elder Burl


But Curt’s favorite wood is Russian olive which he says grows like a weed here in Utah.”


Curt’s range of turning encompasses delicate ornaments, hollow forms, boxes, goblets and even segmented work.  I think he can be called a Compleat Woodturner.”


It has been my distinct honor to profile the artist Curt Fuller.  Curt would have you believe that he lives a boring life and I quote My life is pretty dull.  I will respectfully disagree.  Curt has demonstrated through his own words that he is a hard worker, a dedicated family man, a devoted husband, a loving father, a doting grandfather, an accomplished yet modest artist, a student of the arts, an outdoorsman, an aspiring musician, a gardener, a fisherman, and a man who is completely comfortable in his own skin.  That is far from boring and is a life to be admired and envied by many.


While reading Curt’s answers to my questions for his Behind the Art profile I was reminded of some lines from the movie Field of Dreams.  I will paraphrase those lines to end this profile.

Mike:  “Do you live in heaven, Curt?”

Curt:  “No, it’s- it’s Utah.”

Mike:  “Utah? I could have sworn it was heaven.”

Curt:  “Is there a heaven?”

Mike:  “Oh yeah!  It’s the place where dreams come true.”

Curt:  “Maybe this is heaven.”

Mike: Curt, I think your dreams have come true.  You live in heaven and just don’t realize it.


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