Do you sell your work?I sell very few of my turnings. I donate as many or more than I sell. And I have a lot in boxes in the basement. But I'm lucky to have two great outlets. My wife and I are members of a community art center. They let me put my work in the gallery and I sell a few things there, mostly Christmas ornaments. And I have a very nice older couple that found my work at a pre-Christmas craft show several years ago. They have traveled the world during their careers and continue to visit friends around the world now that they're in their 80's. For whatever reason, they stop by and see me before going on a trip and buy some of my turnings as gifts for their friends. I really consider that an honor that I have someone scattering my work around the world.”


Curt said the best advice he has for new woodturners is, Turn around and run the other way as fast as you can!”

When asked to elaborate, Seriously, turning really is a ‘vortex’ that will draw you in over your head before you even realize it. I think my first advice would be to work safe. Use common sense, wear the protective equipment available, and don't take chances. It's a fun hobby but it can turn dangerous and even deadly in a split second. Don't exceed the capacity of your lathe, chuck, or other mounting system, and stop the lathe instantly if something sounds wrong. Second, learn to sharpen. It will greatly enhance your experience and the outcome. Other than that, just have fun, let your creative side come out, and by all means build some shelves for all the stuff you're going to make.

When asked about his family Curt was enthusiastic in his response. My family is the greatest! I've been married for 41 years, have two daughters and a son, two granddaughters and two grandsons, and wonderful son and daughter in-laws. What more could I ask for! They've all given me more than I could ever give to them. I also live in a house full of cats and me and the dog; just have to deal with that I guess.


When asked to tell us about his interests besides woodturning Curt said, I like all kinds of art. I think I've learned that from my wife's art interests over the years. So I enjoy going to art shows, galleries, etc. My wife is also a volunteer at the local museum so we enjoy visiting any kind of museum when we're out and about.”

Holly is an accomplished artist in her own right. Holly’s work is mostly florals and landscapes in watercolors and acrylics.  She also does some collage work.  Below are examples of each.  She also teaches watercolor painting at the local senior center.


“I love to fish, mostly fly fishing, but my shoulders aren't as young as they once were so I don't fish as much as I used to. I like growing a garden in the summer and working outside in the yard. I love good music and still occasionally try to pick out a song on my guitar. I love the mountains around my home and enjoy getting up there when I can.”

What do you do for fun?  Besides woodturning? My grandkids…..”


have become one of my favorite things in life lately. They're scattered from 6 to 16 years old so there's always something fun and interesting going on with them. The two oldest granddaughters are into music. One plays the flute and saxophone and the other plays the string bass. So I like to attend their concerts and have really enjoyed the "culture" they've exposed me to. The two younger grandsons are a couple of wild hooligans that are always fun to be with. My youngest grandson, Zemedu, is adopted, from Ethiopia, so it has been an incredible experience watching him change from a shy little guy who didn't speak or understand English to an outgoing, fun loving, and totally spoiled kid. My wife and I like to vacation with our family. We get together a few times every year for a good trip with the whole gang or just with the grandkids. I'm someone that still enjoys a good car trip.”


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