“As for the future direction of my work, my head is awash with projects that I want to develop. I am currently having fun with scorching and liming oak; surface texture is very important to me and I have been known to take a well finished bowl and then, dissatisfied with a mirror-smooth finish, sand it hard with 40 grit paper, then work up through the grades to get the mirror-smooth finish, but with amazingly tactile grain which stands out like a three-dimensional contour map. I have installed an air compressor and grit-blasting equipment so that I can play further with surface texture. I am also looking at steam bending to make fine spindles, bent to shape to add legs to a series of round-bottomed bowls and urns that I want to make.”

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Les has also made a number of fixtures to help him work on his challenging pieces of wood.

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An important part of these articles has always been learning a bit about the person behind the art. As you would expect from what we’ve learned about Les thus far, he has many other interests. He has done some ceramic work as well as calligraphy which he even used to make a little extra money writing menus and notices for a local inn. “Outside wood-turning, my main interest is in being out of doors. I love hill walking and there’s plenty of scope for that where I live.” Les so loves the area he now lives, the town of Bala in Snowdonia National Park, that he has written an article for us about the rugged terrain he calls home and you can read that here.

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