My family likes to vacation together and we’ve been on some pretty incredible trips over the years. We’ve done the usual Disneyland and Disneyworld trips, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, Glacier National Park, to name a few. But my favorite trips and my favorite place to visit is Hawaii. We’ve been to Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island, and this fall we went to Maui. Our Maui trip included my wife and I, my three kids and their spouses and my four grandkids. We had more fun than I can even begin to recall with all the kids and the beach and snorkeling and on and on. But this story is about a fishing trip we took while on this vacation. Actually the fishing trip was just myself, my son Shane, and his new bride Rosie. And I should also mention that although I’m not an expert fisherman, and I’m a true novice at deep sea fishing, I have done my fair share of fishing in the rivers and lakes of Northern Utah, Western Wyoming, Eastern Idaho, and Southwestern Montana. But none of that prepared me for the fishing adventure I was part of on this trip. I might also mention that parts of this fish story might be a little graphic for some. I apologize for that in advance.

First, I need to back up about 15 years to May of 1999. We took our first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and it was the first time my wife and I took any of our kids to Hawaii with us. My son, Shane was a teenager at the time. I need to also explain that my son loves to fish. And when I say “loves” to fish I don’t mean that he just “loves” to fish like a normal person might love to fish. I mean he fishes about 3 or 4 days a week and if he gets anywhere near water and can’t fish it drives him crazy. When he was about 16 years old he bought a small 14’ fishing boat and he literally went fishing every day for his entire summer vacation from school that summer. So, when we took him on that first trip to Hawaii, he drove us crazy wanting to go fishing. I finally broke down and we went to the Honokohau Harbor and we bargained with a guy to take us out fishing the next day. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, he caught a fish that day. It was a Blue Marlin which is a fish of a lifetime in any size in my book. Shane’s Marlin was a small one..107lbs. But that was it, only one fish in 8 hours. Pretty slow fishing in my book, but Shane was hooked on deep sea fishing.


About 9 years later, when we went to the Big Island again, with Shane, and of course he wanted to go fishing again. But on this trip we got skunked! Nothing! So I hoped that was the end of his obsession with spending a lot of money to go for an 8 hour boat ride. I should also mention that I’m a real sissy when it comes to boats on the ocean or any rough water. I get seasick, bad, like as in feed the fish seasick. I fight it and I’m miserable, and then I finally feed the fish. If there’s a little action like actually catching fish it diverts my misery. But 8 hours on the water with no fish is a long day for me. And too much money!

So all this brings the story to the planning stage of our recent Maui vacation. All Shane can think about is “Let’s go fishing”. I say “No way, I’m not going fishing! Period! You’re on your own if you want to fish”. I thought that was the end of it. But he did talk me into taking a small travel rod and reel to fish from shore.

Fast forward now to Friday, November 14, 2014. We’re a couple days into our Maui vacation when he surprises me telling me that he’s booked a fishing trip for “us”. I tell him no way, I’m not spending a whole day out on the ocean again. So he tells me that I don’t have to spend all day because this trip leaves at 11pm….at night….that same night…. and we’ll be back by 11am the next morning. I tell him he’s crazy, he twists my arm, I tell him again he’s still crazy, and next thing I know we’re down at the dock with “Captain Fuzzy” with Die Hard Sportfishing telling us what to expect and what to bring for a crazy all night fishing trip that I promised myself I would never do again.

Fuzzy” starts out by telling us that this is no “tourist” trip. This is going to be some intense, extreme fishing. The name of his boat is DIE HARD and he takes fishing to the extreme. I’m thinking this guy has a line of BS if I’ve ever heard one. Then he outlines the trip. We’ll leave the dock at 11pm, head out a few miles and stop to catch bait fish for a while, then take a nap while we head out another 40 miles into the ocean. At first light the action will begin. I’m thinking ya, ya, ya, here we go for another expensive boat ride. Then he brings up the part that I was dreading….. the Maui Chop! Seems like they even have a name for the waves off the coast of Maui and for some people those waves can be really hard to take. Imagine that! So he says, "get some Bonine! Dramamine won’t do it, and start taking it now. Take some now, at dinner, at 11pm, and bring the rest with you. Don’t eat any greasy food, no alcohol, no caffeine, and DON’T BRING ANY BANANAS!"  We walk away from the Lahaina boat dock with Shane so excited he can hardly stand it and me wondering what I’ve gotten myself into this time. We spent the rest of the day being Hawaiian tourists.

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