So, you want to be a turner and have asked the age old question “What do I need to get started?”

 Well, like most things in life, it depends.  It depends on a couple of things: what it is you want to turn, because the tools used will vary, and how much time and money you are willing to invest to get into this ‘hobby’.

Before touching on the different lathes, tools, etc., I want to take this opportunity to save you a bunch of time and money.  How?  Simple.  Get with your local AAW affiliated turning club.  The members there are all about teaching safe ways to turn, know about different tools and accessories and, more important, can offer hands-on mentoring.  It makes good sense to know what it is you would like to turn – then buy the tools needed to make that happen!  Many of us, when we first started out, bought the latest and greatest tools that came on the market, only to find out later that we didn’t need them.  By getting with your local club, not only will you be exposed to tools and methods of turning, you most likely can pick up a great deal on some used equipment!

Here is the link to find a club near you: Local Chapters

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