How many makers of the pieces below can you identify?  Take a shot at it.  Give it an honest try before you start to lie, cheat, and steal, i.e., before you figure out how to find the clues on this site.

Sometime in the past three years these photos appeared somewhere in the Front Page area of this web site, and possibly in a post in the forum or the forum gallery.  

Even if you don't recognize some of these there is obviously a way to do a little research and find the answer.  That's fine!  It actually meets another objective of the game.  But you will probably have more fun with it if you first struggle through trying to guess "Who made this?" for each piece.

Go to THIS THREAD on the forum and post your results and any other comments you care to make.  List the number beneath the photo (not the number in the enlarged pop up) and who you think made the piece.

This game will end March 18, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. GMT.

The prize will be... well, nothing except bragging rights and a little group fun.


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