Turning of the Week
New on the Front Page:
EXIF and Why It Deserves Your Attention
Have you checked out the Gallery yet? Our members have posted some of their very best work for you to see – all in one convenient location!


What's different in this new version?

We believe you will quickly recognize that the changes are relatively minor and in most cases improvement over the older version. You will probably figure most of it out by yourself, but here are some tips that may help.

Working from the top of the page downward,

The general color schemes and shapes are a little different in the top section, but otherwise it's about the same. The "Test Site" warning will of course not be on the final live version of the board.

The second block contains two sections separated by a horizontal white line.

The first is navigation aids.
  • Here you can find the Login box to the upper right. Go ahead and log in. Your user name and password from the live board should work. If not contact a member of the administrative team. Hint: Click "The team" link at bottom of every screen or in the menu described next.
  • On the left side of this section you will see three horizontal bars and the words "Quick Links". Click the bars and you will see several links that are familiar to you, just in a different place. This menu is an area you will probably use frequently, so remember what is here and don't forget where you found it.:>)
  • Next is a link to Frequently Asked Questions. The questions and answers came with the software and they are somewhat generic, but may be useful when you want to dig deeper into the capabilities.
  • Next is "Tips", which is the page you are now reading.
  • Moving on to the right there is a bell and the word "Notifications". I'm not very familiar with that yet, but it works. Be sure to click Notifications and check your settings for this feature. Or do it through your User Profile.
  • Then there is an envelope and "Private Messages", much the same as the old version, except there are enhancements to the editor and some other tweaking just to confuse us older citizens.
  • Next to your name is a pull down symbol (upside down delta). Click that to see links to the User Control Panel, your profile, and to Log Out. It is worthwhile to explore all of these menus to get things set to your preference.
  • On the right is the link to user Gallery.
The second line in this block is the Bread Crumbs. It shows a trail of how you got to the place where you are. (It includes the Front Page even if you did not come to the forum through the front page). You can back up to a previous spot in your trail by clicking the desired link. Of course you can always go somewhere else by the usual methods.

The third block (when visible) is the Board Announcement section. There are some changes here. When there is an announcement published it appears on all pages you visit, not just the Board Index. Not everyone likes that, but for now there is no way to change it. However, please notice there is an "X" in the upper right of the announcement section. If you click the "X" the announcement will disappear and you won't see it again until one of the administrators changes something on the announcement.

Uploading and attaching images has been improved considerably. Multiple uploads are much less cumbersome. You can also "drag and drop" photos to your post. Experimentation is the best way to become familiar with this. Remember to keep scrolling down when you don't see something you expected. Sometimes what you are looking for is farther down.

The Gallery while not as robust as we might like is better than most. We were able to save the photos entered previously and you probably won't notice much difference in the way the Gallery works. You can go the Gallery by using the link mentioned above or go directly to anyone's personal album by first clicking on their name wherever you see it, then when their profile opens click their personal gallery link.

Some other tips that have arisen from member questions or suggestions:

Forum Styles
  • So you don't like the appearance of the revised forum?

    Go to your User Control Panel (UCP), then Board Preferences, then scroll down and find "My Board Style". Select another style from the pull down window.

  • To save a copy of a posted photo right-click the thumbnail and have it open in a new window or a new tab. Once there you have the same right-click options as before. It does require an additional step but that is the result of using Lightbox to view all our images and is just one of those things we will have to get used to.
  • Notification and PM count. When you get a notification and click on it to view what it is, in the upper right corner of that window is a link 'mark all as read' and clicking that will reset your count to zero.
Personal Albums in Gallery
Did you know that many of our members have added photos to their personal album in the Gallery? If you would like to see some fine work you can do so in any of several ways. Here are a couple:
  • Click on the link to the Gallery in the upper right of the main screen. You will see a dozen or so of the latest additions. You can click Personal Albums and get a multiple page listing of the individual albums.
  • Looking for a particular person's albums? Find his/her name and click it to find their profile. The profile contains a link to individual albums. You can find a name from a post, an avatar, or search for it by clicking the Quick Links menu (upper left of the screen), then Members, then search for their name.
You can add your own photos to your album(s) in the Gallery if you wish. Go to your User Control Panel by clicking the inverted delta next to your name, then click the Gallery tab. The next steps are self explanatory.